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Packing Services

At Raj Air cargo Packers & Movers we offer a wide range of packing ervices for house moving, office moving, fine-art moving, machinery moving. Out- packing experience and a highly skilled team of packers and movers you can be assured of the very best qualiry. The packing materials we use have been developed through our ceaseless efforts to provide the best protection for your valuable goods during transit with India or during International shipping.


Whether you are across the street or across the country, just one call and the team of experienced packers and movers. We will help you pack and move all your goods - right from hutsiitiire to automobiles to plants to pets to just about anything you want.


With the network Sour professional International Moving Con/tunics and International Shipping companies. we can pack and move your goods from anywhere in the globe antl Ship to Intim. hut- servitus tor international packing and International shipping includ


We make the mammoth task of office relocation simple. Over the years we have shifted numberous small & large organization into their new destinations ensuring zero disruptions to routing work.


We undertake all types of machinery moving and packing.
  • Professional Packing
  • Special Packing fin- Fragile or Sensitive equipment
  • Custom designing Pallets, Crates, Plywood & Wooden boxes
  • Vacuum sealing or heat sealing in a polythene cocoon
  • Protection from moisture.
  • Hoisting services with Chain pulley, cranes etc.
  • Arranging Indian or International insurance

Note : PIywood Boxes, Crates & Pallets are custom made according to your requirement.


  • Professional Packing of Paintings & Sculptures
  • Packing in Custom made reusable cartons & plywood boxes
  • Multiple destination moving for exhibitions
  • Assistance in unpacking, setting up & repacking alter exhibitions
  • Full Time support during exhibitions
  • Arranging Indian or International insurance.
  • Assisting in International Moving & customs formalities


Raj Air Cargo Packers and Movers pvt. ltd. are specialist in Car Transportation. we facilitate safe movement of the cars for individual and corporate customers. We have dedicated ourselves to Transforming the ask of Transporting goods into an art form. At every stage of moving, Every piece of goods, from the toughest to the most delicate, is given the highest level of care by our specially trained staff. Our objective is to ensure every item we dispatch arrives at the right place, at the right time and in Pristine condition. For every kind of relocation put your trust in Raj Air Cargo Packers and Movers.


Raj Air Cargo Packers and Movers pvt. ltd.have warehousing and storage facility which offers you maximum safety and security, shortage can be arranged on a short-term basics or for longer periods, depend on your requirements, we can provide you warehouse facilities to store your goods in a clean, safe environment. Goods stores are palletized to keep them secure and separate from one another. We can also arrange for you to have access to your stored goods anything that is convenient for you, other commercial goods or commodities which might taint or effect household goods are stored separately. Dangerous goods are not accepted in to storage facilities which are dedicated to household effect. Air conditioned (temperature controlled) storage is available on request. A comprehensive storage insurance cover is offered to the goods. All warehouse are insured for fire, burglary, flood and related risks.


Our insurance service covers everything while your relocation in India and starts right from your doorsteps and concludes only after landing safely at your homes. We fully recognize the importance of belongings and goods for the clients. Thus, we do whatever the best action could be by insuring the goods with some of the known and reliable insurance companies. For providing insurance services, all the basic and related paperwork and documentation are executed by us to facilitate the insurance. That's the reason we present the clients with insurance services in the form of special value added service to ensure their goods. Moreover, assistance is also offered to the clients in the valuation of their goods. With the help of our insurance option, we shield and secure goods and other items for a single item damage or loss. Once there is insurance service in place, our clients feel comfort and con lidence after knowing that their goods are safe, secure and insured for packing and moving in India. Even after taking complete safety measures, no one has control over accident.

Packing & Unpacking Service

We offer all the necessary packing and unpacking arrangements to transfer the goods, equipment and belongings with utmost safety. The specialized goods packing and unpacking provide highest level of protection during the transition. Different materials used for packaging include air bubble sheets, water proof sheets, cardboard cartons, plastic sheets, thermocol etc. All the goods are unpacked under the supervision of expert professionals at the final destination.

Loading & Unloading Service

We make it certain that your valuable goods loading and unloading at the destination by providing highly reliable and systemic Loading and Unloading services. Our trained workers perform the task with the help of modern equipments like railers, lifters, hydraulic elevators, containers, tilt table, loading spouts and so on. This special technique prevent the goods from any kind of damage or even a scratch.